Marvelous Travel was created with you in mind! We’ve prepared a complete package of services so that you can enjoy Santorini to the fullest.

Our services start from the moment you arrive on the island. We provide car or motorcycle rental services (Rent a car/Rent a moto), cooperating with local rental companies. You can choose anything from a luxury car, to a small engine vehicle for your rides in Santorini. If you prefer two-wheeled traveling, you can still choose from a wide variety of motorcycles, according to your needs.

For your stay, we have secured the best kinds of accommodation in Santorini. Browse through our partner companies, find out what each of them has to offer and pick the place where you will experience your dream vacation, on our magical island.

Now, after settling into the hotel, get ready for our tours and activity packages. Horseback riding, wine tasting, catamaran tours to places of unprecedented beauty and diving in the underwater treasure that is Aegean sea, are just some of the life experiences you can enjoy.

But we don't stop there!

Are you thinking of getting married? Santorini is the #1 travel destination for weddings! The idyllic landscape, the ideal Greece’s climate and the almost surreal, beautiful combination of sea and volcanic landscape, create the perfect conditions for your marriage. In collaboration with a local wedding organization business, we offer you the opportunity for the wedding of your dreams! Marvelous Travel undertakes everything from creating the invitations and the decoration of the church, to the wedding dress, the transfer and the wedding party!

If you want to experience the unlimited possibilities we offer you, for pretty much any occasion, contact us! The journey has just begun!